Partial connection to ServerWMC
I'm working to configure a second client (Pi2) in the same manner as I accomplished with a Pi3. The Pi3 is working at this time.

While things seemed to be working last night, today when I picked up where I left off, it looks like I'm not getting full connection to the server. I've checked my settings; Live TV is enabled as is the Server Add in. I'm not getting a connection lost error and I can view live tv, and get a screen notice of upcoming recordings other tv tabs such as guide data are empty I can view a recorded tv listing, but nothing wants to play.On a reboot, I also get a message about a time shift issue. Don't know if it's related by file manager shows the network share folders, but there is no access.

Here's the client debug log covering a reboot

The Server shows two clients connected seems to show the two clients connected with the respective IP addresses
The time shift issue is shown when your clocks don't agree between your clients and server machine, that might explain why you are seeing blank guide data. Check to see if the clock is set wrong on them.

The swmc log you posted does not show an attempt to start a live stream, so its hard to say for sure, but according to the kodi log you are getting this error:

17:00:14 14.820957 T:1795159104 ERROR: AddOnLog: PVR WMC Client: Recorded tv 'smb://kodi:****[email protected]/Recorded TV2' does not exist

which I think is showing that its not able to access the shared recording folder, that would explain why your recordings aren't playing. Check the login credentials on the 'Folders' tab of serverwmc. If they are correct, then try replacing HTPC-PC with the server IP address in the share path.
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
Corrected the time problem with Openelec/Network/NTP servers with "" entered for Timeserver#1.

Changed the folder entry to show the IP instead of PC name without success. Looking at the "Folders" tab, it doesn't differentiate between the two clients, and one of the clients is working ok. It seems like a windows sharing issue except the client can play live tv and show the list of recorded programs which is being updated.

Would another round of logs for both server and client help? Would start log for swmc first, then debugging for client, reboot and then select live tv, guide and view a recorded program.
Started to prepare the logs per above. restarted swmc to get a clean log then turned my attention to the client. Started debugging. rebooted and when I went to live tv which had been working, noticed the guide details appeared. Guide tab was complete and recorded programs played. Could also add sources to the video tab. Previously could add a single video file but couldn't add the "movie" folder. Now Movie(E) appears and all the sub folders. Don't understand what changed but will hope that it continues.
Sounds good, thanks for the update.
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
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Partial connection to ServerWMC00