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multiple audio
Hi everyone, just wondering if something is possible please.

I have a PC with 2 DVI and HDMI, i am running my pc in one room with dual screen that is a dvi monitor and a hdmi tv on my desk and using the on board sound card over a 3.5mm jack for my sound and all working great.

would it be possible to ude the other dvi port to a DVI>HDMI cable to my main tv and use a S/PDIF to my amp as I have no HDMI ports left via my amp.

do i have to change sound each time or could i have it to auto use S/PDIF when on livingroom tv?

hope this makes sence.

Yes you can do this. There are some addons floating around to make it easy to change audio settings via one remote press. If I can find the threads I'll post them here.
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I suspect that this is the main addon you need to look at:

I'm still running Jarvis, but it seems to still work on Krypton. Works well for me to switch between HDMI (TV) and S/PDIF-TOSLINK (amp).
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fantastic, ill have a look when i recieve a longer HDMI. thanks.

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