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houghton19 Offline
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Hi everyone, just wondering if something is possible please.

I have a PC with 2 DVI and HDMI, i am running my pc in one room with dual screen that is a dvi monitor and a hdmi tv on my desk and using the on board sound card over a 3.5mm jack for my sound and all working great.

would it be possible to ude the other dvi port to a DVI>HDMI cable to my main tv and use a S/PDIF to my amp as I have no HDMI ports left via my amp.

do i have to change sound each time or could i have it to auto use S/PDIF when on livingroom tv?

hope this makes sence.

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nickr Online
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Yes you can do this. There are some addons floating around to make it easy to change audio settings via one remote press. If I can find the threads I'll post them here.

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I suspect that this is the main addon you need to look at:

I'm still running Jarvis, but it seems to still work on Krypton. Works well for me to switch between HDMI (TV) and S/PDIF-TOSLINK (amp).

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houghton19 Offline
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fantastic, ill have a look when i recieve a longer HDMI. thanks.
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