v17 problem with dvd on kodi 17

I think I found a possible bug/problem. I have some dvds that after the normal filming company intros, doesn't play right. When It should go to the dvd menu I only hear the music played (music which should indeed be played when the menu is showed) but the tv screen is completely black.

This isnt with all dvds, most play ok, but from a specific series (Alf) it doesn't. I tried the nightly and the RC, both the same.

Latest official kodi 16 release doesn't have the problem, nether do spmc and xbmc.

-Minix u1

If you need more info I will provide it.
Tested the new RC3 and the problem is still there.
Wrong place to report bugs?
I have the same problem.
Kodi v17 is very unstable with DVD.
I tried on linux, windows, and Android TV, on my desktop PC and laptop.
It seems that someone screwed up the DVD implementation in the v17.
Same here. I'm using the 17.1 RC version.

On some of my dvd's this also happens. It plays the menu music and afterwards it's loops back to the beginning and now it's shows the menu with music normally.
Also having the same problem when trying to play a few DVD ISO images. Although most work fine.

In the cases where it doesn't work fine, after the intro/copyright warning, the screen is blank but the audio plays for the menu. I can use the arrow buttons to blindly select menu items if I know where they are, but this is only possible if you know what the menu layout looks like. Once past the first menu (which is blank), everything works fine.

This wasn't a problem with Kodi 15.x, but has appeared for the first time in 17.x.
Just a follow-up, someone has lodged a bug report for this in the Kodi bug tracker at:

Just add I've found the same problem although in my case the DVD's are stored in folder structure rather than ISO. As has been pointed out it's not all DVD's and so far I've had the problem with a couple of Lego Friends TV DVD's (each has three episodes). The studio intro plays fine followed by a blank screen although the menu music plays fine. Pressing OK selects the first menu option (blind) and the DVD episode then plays fine - it's just the menu that has a blank screen. Playing the same DVD with Jarvis 16.1 is fine.
Same issue with majority of my ISO. Went back to v16 and it works again.
I have a similar problem, but in some cases loading an ISO crashes KODI all together. My existing work around is either convert the isos to individual MKVs with MakeMKV or I use SPMC 16.5 explicitly to watch VOBs/ISOs since it works great in that version and I can have it side by side with Krypton
Same here (generic x64 build with LibreElec 8.0.2, Kodi 17.1): dvd menu cannot be used (no picture just audio of menu or black screen with audio or stil image of the last scene of the film with menu audio, depending on from where I invoke the menu). Tried everything (convetring to ISO, changing regional code, deactivating hardware decoding, changing renderer...) nothing helped.
11 Posts, yet not one debug log.
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