Kodi 17 sends WOL by start and wakeup all related file servers
Since Kodi 17 each server will be automaticly wakeup through a magic paket.
This is for sure not ideal, because in my situation it wakeups 3 file servers and this is maybe only if i want to stream something from the internet.

In Kodi 16 was this different. The server was wakeup only if you selected the source in the video section.
I am using the functionality under power saving: Try to wake server on access.

Is there a work arround or some additional configuration possible to get the same functionality as in Kodi 16?

Thanks for helping!
Is it possible to for future releases to make this configurable?
-Wakeup servers when you select the source in the video section. (as is in Kod 16)
-Wakeup all servers after starting (as is in Kodi 17)
Please provide a log file (wiki) to show what is going on
I tested this afternoon a lot more things...

Kodi17 works simular to Kodi16 when the skin Confluence is used.
See here the debug log: http://pastebin.com/2rCRkcK9

When i change the skin from Confluence to Estuary it wakeup imediatly all related server from the wakeonlan.xml!
It doesn't matter if some of the servers are not add to the movie database.
See here the debug log: http://pastebin.com/e4wTTFPc

So, the question is, it is possible to adapt the new skin Estuary working as Confluence?
Thanks for the testing and logs, other skins have been known also to access media when starting and now it seems Estuary does too. There are reference to 'folder.jpg' on media sources and that will trigger wake-on-access. Perhaps there are some skin settings that can be deactivated to avoid the problem, I dont know. In any case this issue belongs under Estuary so try to get attention in that sub-forum if no-one notices these posts.
Has this ever been resolved? It’d be nice if Kodi strictly only woke up a server when it accesses a media file (e.g. movie) on that server. As the OP metioned, you might start Kodi only wanting to stream content and it ends up waking up multiple media servers, unnecessarily spinning up hard drives and wasting energy. I realize it was said that this is an issue related to the skin, but I didn’t find any posts related to WOL issues with this skin.

It seems that Kodi could more strictly enforce the wake up on demand feature without allowing skins to somehow override this. It’s a poor user experience for most, since they won’t understand why the setting isn’t being honored properly.
A quick way to work around this may be disabling 'wake on magic packet' on the NIC's of the server(s) that shouldn't be woken up if possible.
Computer will still wake up when a share is accessed.

Ofcourse, adding some options for this in Krypton would be great.
Kodi is a Software Front End, not a Hardware Back End (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Front_and_back_ends).

What you are describing is a function of your Hardware, specifically Wake on Lan can be turned on in your NIC's drivers.
Yes, pointed that out indeed
Estuary thread started here.


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Kodi 17 sends WOL by start and wakeup all related file servers0
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