Is Specific Fanart for each Music Album Possible?
For example I have two albums, both by ACDC.

I would like the background fan art for album "Dirty Deeds" to show Bon Scott, but with the "Back in Black" album I would like the background to show a picture of the band with Brian Johnson.

Is there a work around with Kodi so this it possible?
I'm pretty sure the answer is no. Background fanart is determined by the artist, not the album.
Thank-you for the reply.

Unfortunately this is the same conclusion I have come to Sad

I do have a clunky work-around where I can name the band slightly in my data base different depending on the era of the album. ACDC For Bon Scott era, AC/DC for Brian Johnson era.

I also did something similar for artists that have have been around for a while. For example, Rolling Stones_60, Rolling Stones_70, David Bowie_70, David Bowie_80, ect

I can then allocate the correct group "era" background for the various albums, though it is a square peg in a round hole solution.
Yes definitely possible, Album specific fanart ,extrafanart can be done by XML modification.if you are interested just PM.
(2018-11-16, 21:37)sanDj Wrote: if you are interested just PM.
Why PM?

1. You are still a junior member, so no-one can PM you
2. If you have "solutions", then share them with the community.
3. Be aware of the dates of the threads you are replying in. No-one really cares about a solution to a problem that was reported 3+ years ago. Kodi has changed since then.
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Ya sure, I will share along with images of Album specific Extrafanart and also Album specific clearlogo,similar to Movie clearlogo for film based Audio /soundtracks along with retained Artist clearlogo.I had tested it on Madnox Leia - Kodi Leia beta 5.
Since this thread has been resurected it is worth adding that yes in v18 it is possible to have album specific fanart.  You don't need to PM anyone just search for "extended artwork" on the forum.
IM sorry to utter PM,I apologize senior Team Members of the forum.....I shall share all the XML mod to get Album specific Extrafanart and also clearlogo with examples very soon.
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