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Kodi 16 - Live TV works - playback of Recordings not
Hi There

im new at kodi - but a long term VDR USER.

I play around with Kodi and VDR PVR activated - VNSI Plugin on a VDR from Source GIT(SVN).
Connection to VDR SErver works well
Live TV works well

If i try to playback Recordings i only get a emty list.

I tryed everything i thought - but no success ...

Anyone have a idea ?
Can you share your vdr.conf? Make sure the folder you're storing your recordings in can be fully accessed by the user that is running vdr.

first of all - thanks for fast reply

vdr runs as ROOT on a debian Machine.

The VDR Video Directory is moutet via NFS from a Synology NAS 30T 28T 2,1T 93% /raid5

On VDR (Server) i can access to this Directory.
On other Clients in Netzwerk i run VDR directly (RPI HD) using NFS to access to the Recordings.
Hmm, okay that's different from my setup. I am running vdr with a dedicated user and group "vdr". In my case I added user "kodi" to the vdr group and the (local) video directory is owned by vdr:vdr.

Are you running kodi also as root?

If not, since you're using NFS I would assume users are not mapped correctly.
I would never ever run vdr as root. connecting to an NFS share as root might raise some additional issues.

i use VDR as root since over 15 Years without any problem - machine is behind a Firewall and there is nothing elese on this machine (and all other machines i used for VDR the last years - no problem at all

Even with NFS (also the time i used Linux Servers for NFS share there is absolutely no problem with root if you know what do do ...

So if anyone have security issues - i can understand - but i know the VDR developer personaly and i know my network so i dont see a problem at this side ...

As i sayed im not new in VDR and i use VDR since a long time with a ton of different Plugins patches and modifications over this long time and first i wase impressed by kodi and the corresponding VDR Plugin - because it s so simple (from bilding from source without any problems to setup codi as Client

But in dont understand why its not working ...

To better understand whats going wrong i will setup a plain VDR within a TEST System with only some recordings they are on a local drive to check where the problem is then i come back...

Currently i dont understand ist ...

PS: perhaps Kodi or VDR Plugin dont like my 17000 Recordings ?!?

BTW i have to edit my usage time - i use VDR since 13.07.2000
(2017-01-16, 20:41)GTRDRIVER Wrote: PS: perhaps Kodi or VDR Plugin don't like my 17000 Recordings ?!?

That is a lot indeed Smile
Maybe you could try setting video dir to some test share with less recordings.

Live TV works - playback of Recordings not00