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(2020-01-22, 03:50)Rychem28 Wrote: @Wintermute0110  Thanks for the update. I think you are right, based on your current trials making a new infolabel that queries history.dat is too slow. Trying to implement this in the skin would practiacally make it unusable due to the lag.

The better approach (possibly only for trial purposes) would be to combine or have it selectable with the "plot" infolabel.

One question that i did have is have you experimented or have any experience with putting the rendered data (rom names/rom info/asset links) into an sql database (.sb) much like Kodi does for movies/tv shows/music. Querying the database seems to be relatively fast within Kodi for these items instead of writing to JSON, although I expect that this would fundamentally change quite a bit of your plugin.

Cheers, and thanks again for giving this a try.

OK, I will create the new setting for the plot ASAP.

The first thing I did when I forked Advanced Launcher code 4 years ago was to test what works fastest for Kodi plugins in order to render big lists of items, and came to the conclusion that JSON works best. Kodi addons do not are typical applications that run all the time. Kodi addons are executed every time they render a list and then the addon execution finishes. What AML does is read all the precomputed information in JSON and dump it into Kodi (roughly speaking). The core of Kodi, which is written in C++, can do much more things that addons are able.

I think the operation of AML is very optimized at the moment but of course there are things that may be improved. However, SQL will not speed up things. On the contrary, the RCB addon uses SQL to store data and it is significantly slower than AML and AEL.

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