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(2020-06-30, 15:15)ciax Wrote: @Wintermute0110: thank you a lot for your detailed clarification!

I think it's no problem to put my few ROMs manually to the "MAME favourites" - on the other hand the option to display a few ROMs (located in a separate directory/folder) in a special menu named "MAME machines (Have ROMs)" would be a nice candy Smile   - but implementation is your decision Wink

Also thanks for describing the connection with the skin and the trailers. I thought something like this, but was not sure.
I will test a little bit further .. and maybe/probably have another question.

@ciax I just had an idea that could be interesting to you. Adding an menu "MAME machines (Have ROMs)" will increase the databases fat, building the DBs will take longer, etc... My idea is to extend the current MAME filtering engine to include variables by the ROM scanner, so you can create a custom filter to show the ROMs you have. You can have a look at the current filter options here. The current optional filters are:

<Options>NoClones, NoCoin, NoCoinLess, NoROMs, NoCHDs, NoSamples</Options>
<Options>NoMature, NoBIOS, NoMechanical, NoImperfect, NoNonworking</Options>

All these filters refer to the MAME XML. For example, NoClones removes clone machines, NoROMs removes machines that have ROMs definitions in the MAME XML. I can create new filtering options, for example NoMissingROMs, NoMissingCHDs, NoMissingSamples, to exclude machines with missing ROM ZIPs, CHDs and Samples, resp. What do you think?

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