Android Cannot access SMB shares on Windows 10
Just to mention it...

Enabling the SMB1 support on Windows 10 is a "last resort" solution. SMB1 was disabled for a very good reason. And I agree, that the wiki page, you are referring to, will need (and receive) an update.

SMB1 on Windows 10 was disabled because of security reasons. Enabling it again will open the security hole, which was closed by disabling SMB1, again.

The recommended way should be, to add SMB sources by using the "Select a network location" in Kodi and use the IP instead of the hostname. Also you have to secure your SMB shares with passwords which you have to enter at the specific window in Kodi as well.

Network browsing (to see a share listed under "Network" in Windows File Explorer) was a SMB1 feature and is not supported by SMB2/3. Same counts for "anonymous login". Therefore you will need a password for your SMB shares.
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