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Some kind of notification filter
As it is know it seems that you can only select all or none of the notifications from the backend. There seems to be going on a lot on the dark with series recordings and things. Getting notifications every now and then. But I'm not really interested in when a series recording starts as long as it works.

But what I would be interested in is a notification when I manually press record on a LiveTV show, or when I cancel a recording.

Would it be possible to add a option to show notifications when something is manually done with recordings, and exclude all the automatic things that is happening with series recordings or other scheduled recordings?
I would like to bring this up again. F.ex. when a scheduled recording starts I get a lot of notifications. When a recording starts it should be only one notification, that a recording is started. But now I get notifications about timer deleted? Why? It feels confusing, like the scheduled recording is stopped or something.

So it would be nice to be able to select when and what notifications to receive.

Some kind of notification filter00