Any user with hbbtv working?
Hi there,
Any user from kodi forum use this client with Hbbtv working?

68 - Read's and none post nothing ?

Ok means don't work...
It'd need a couple of things to work -

1. For the PVR backend (either Enigma2 in this case, or TVHeadend or whatever) to pass through the HBBTV data to the Kodi client.

2. For an HBBTV parser/viewer to be implemented in Kodi. Maybe a plugin?

I'm also interested in this as a lot of European channels now carry HBBTV data and more will follow in the next few years!
+1 here for this feature
Tvheadend supports it now:
Yes it gets passed through with the HTSP stream with TVHeadend now!

Ready for any future Kodi development to enable the feature.
Sorry to spoil your party, but porting and maintaining a whole blown HTML5 rendering engine/JS interpreter to 5+ major platforms (plus dozends of subvariants) is a project of its own - I think it is impossible.

I really don't get the HbbTV hype anyway. It is just a collection of clunky and unfunctional websites - terrible from a user perspective. Most sources can be accessed via add-ons already. Here in Germany, the content available via HbbTV is dwarfed by the content accessable through add-ons.

If something is not available via Kodi, create a request for a new add-on. This has a far higher chance of success.
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