[Kodi 16 Jarvis] Widgets and Fanart
Hi Folks,

So I just recently upgraded by device to Openelec 7.1 which comes with Jarvis (16.1) and I noticed that the skin had a few things going on that seemed odd. The first thing I did was delete the skin from box entirely and the addons_data folder for the skin too.

But a couple of things:
  • The Widgets on the home page once you click them, watch something, and come back behave oddly - i.e., hovering over them doesn't stop the autorotate and the left/right can be used instead of down
  • A lot of items are showing up in the "ongoing tv" at least
  • Fanart seems to have been replaced with landscape art which doesn't really work with emby or PKC

I fixed the last one with a quick change to XML but the other two I'm not sure - in any case I couldn't install the skin from GitHub zip so I manually unzipped and copied the folder in and it works perfectly - not sure whats up
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