Win Kodi 17 RC3 Audio Passthrough won't work

I've recently updated to Kodi 17 RC3 and ran into massive troubles getting audio passthrough to work.

Whatever I try, Kodi won't pass through dts or ac3 audio to the avr. I've tried all possible combinations now, but only WASAPI and 5.1 Setup works (which is not an option because I want my avr to do the decoding).

Kodi 17 RC3 running on Zotac ZBox ID-83
Denon AVR 3313

Settings for logs:
Audio Device: WASAPI (AVR)
Channels: 2
Passthrough: enabled
Passthrough device: WASAPI (AVR)
all supported formats enabled

Results: AC3 and dts movies play as 2.0; However, playing dts 5.1 encoded flac files work!

Providing two debugging logs:

Log1: Starting kodi and playing a movie with dts 5.1 sound -> passthrough doesn't work.

(cannot use pastebin because pvr blows up log!)

Log2: Starting kodi and playing a dts-5.1-encoded flac -> passthrough works.

Hopefully someone will be able to help me!

Thanks a lot in advance,
take a look to this post
Thank you so much cyber201!!!

Thinking about it, this is indeed quite logical, but I agree with the poster in the other thread that there should be some notice for useres not to run into this trap!

So this partly solved my problem. Movies and music now are passed to the avr correctly. Live-TV (mediaportal), however, is 2.0 no matter what the source format is (although passthrough is endabled in the respective audio settings). If I switch from TS-Reader to ffmpeg, sound will be passed through correctly, but timeshift won't work anymore. Any ideas how to get this working? Perhaps it's again another setting that inhibts passthrough for pvr?
Yes it's a similar thing, passthrough is now disabled for live stream including Live TV, again because of the sync requirements.

You getting 2 channels because you got Number of Channels set to 2, since you're using HDMI to an AVR why don't you have this set to 5.1 or 7.1?
Forgot to say setting to 5.1 or 7. would ensure you get Multichannel PCM from Live TV, if you really want Dolby Digital then leave Number of channels set to 2 then under "Dolby Digital capable receiver" should be a "enble Dolby Digital transcoding" setting, enable this and you should get a Dolby Digital 5.1 stream if Live TV has multichannel audio.
Thanks so much jjd-uk!

Left it on 2 channels and enabled transcoding and it works as it should. Setting up audio in kodi remains a mystery!

Just being curious, if you say passthrough is "now" disabled for live streaming, will this be different in the final release?
What I meant by that is V16 Jarvis did support passthrough for Live TV, however due to the issues seen it was disabled for V17 Krypton and that's how it will now remain (unless someone is clever enough to fix the previously seen issues when passthrough was enabled).
Hi again,

this has worked flawlessly for the last few days exactly as I wanted it to.

Today, however, I installed RC4 and it stopped working again. What I now get is Multichannel in for 2.0 and 5.1 PVR streams. Stereo broadcasts sound plain horrible although I haven't touched the settings. In addition, PVR video hangs sometimes or stops playing, which makes it completely unusable.

Are there any changes in RC4 that affect this and how can get back to have stereo passthrough for 2.0 and dolby digital for 5.1?? Couldn't find anything in the chnagelog. Otherwise I'll have to roll back to RC3.
Check whether audio device has changed from WASAPI to Directsound
jjd-uk - you are my GOD :-)))

Was already about to reply "I haven't changed anything as I've already said", but went to the living room and booted kodi to make sure - and - surprise - it really changed to directsound; how could I have failed to see this... anyhow, sound works again, hope this will also fix the hang and stutter issue with pvr video... will keep this thread updated if problems persist.

watched tv the whole evening. Sound works perfectly now, but pvr video hangs from time to time. It's only a few milliseconds that the video and audio hangs. This occurs in a frequency of 6-8 times in 90 minutes. Playback does not stop as it did yesterday with the wrong settings, but it's very annoying anyway. To me it looks like a sync issue. Any ideas what to try? Will a debug-log be useful here?

Thanks in advance.
Just to inform you, I finally found out what is going on here.

My Kodi box is connected to the AVR. Sometime, I switch off the AVR and do some administrative tasks from my desktop pc with remotedesktop. What happens then is that Kodi uses Directsound: Remoteaudio as its primary sound device. After reboot, it does not restore the original WASAPI setting as it did in the past, but falls back to the Directsound: AVR. This is what caused the issues before. If I then switch to WASAPI again without rebooting, PVR will behave as expected, but the stream hangs occasionally. If I reboot with the AVR switched on it works flawlessly until I use remotedesktop again. Quite annoying and causes constant reboots.

Any ideas how I could inhibit Kodi from switching to Directsound or restore WASAPI setting automatically if the AVR is on? I might use TightVNC, but I recently uninstalled it as I don't want the service to run in the background all the time.
Found this elsewhere in the forum. Would it help to put

<audiodevice default="true">WASAPI:default</audiodevice>

in advancedsettings.xml?
I've just spent 3 days working on this with 17.1 RC running on a Minix Neo Z83-4 Win 10 through HDMI . To say it has been driving me mad and seems totally illogical is an understatement.
Every time I think I've worked it out I run a single channel (mono) video and bam, no sound out at all. Sometimes even video in 5.1 causes problems. It seems like the only setup that actually works across the spectrum for video and audio formats is to leave all the audio settings on default. The only problem with that is the video jumps, jutters and jerks because without the frame sync turned on it is almost unwatchable.

I've also tried running S/PDIF AND taking audio out of the Headphone jack.

I'm running everything through a Samsung BluRay player which also serves as my A/V amp to a 5.1 setup. I know this works as it should as cable TV comes through as glorious 'surround sound'......... all 5.1 of it.

It's a pity Kodi 17.1 will never achieve those dizzy heights. But I have faith (and time).

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