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Win VPN UltraSurf??
There are a lot of users with this concern.. but mostly are those who are getting into unofficial addons. There are thousands of repos which are giving away unofficial addons. Hence the concern to use a vpn with it. TV Addon guy started this whole fiasco. Read it on a lot of websites including some of the removed that people should use a vpn irrespective of using official addons or not. Using a VPN is a security measure and it does not always means users are about to / or is doing something "fishy" that requires a vpn. 

Main concern to use a vpn with kodi is to unlock geo-locked content mostly. 

I used to use a vpn with my kodi setup initially when I didn't know much about official and unofficial addons. Then I came to this forum, talked to different guys here, read a lot of stuff and it cleared my head. Though, I am using a vpn with different streaming devices but it does not necessarily means I am doing something unlawful. 

People are curious about kodi and the use of vpn with it. 

Read tweets, check facebook groups.. this concern is everywhere.
@Harley Ben - this is a friendly warning - we do not allow advertising or promotion of VPNs here, such as the link you included. See the VPN policy (wiki) for details.

In any case this entire thread is redundant and has been closed.
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