Release - Arnold - A modern Kodi web interface

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HusKy_ Offline
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Hey guys,

my first post here.

Let me introduce you to Arnold - A modern Kodi web interface.

Arnold is a general purpose web interface for Kodi which supports multiple transport layers - WebSockets and AJAX. To make everything speedy, Arnold uses local database for offline caching and instant library loading. It can run both as a Kodi addon but also as a standalone web application. For its UI, I have chosen Semantic UI which provides clean and modern look.

  • Remotely control Kodi.
  • Browse your movies, TV shows and music.
  • Search your entire library through a single search bar.
  • Track your progress and hide seen movies and episodes.
  • Receive automatic update notifications.
  • Choose between multiple transport layers - WebSocket and AJAX.
  • Access your library even if your Kodi is offline thanks to client-side caching.
  • Works as a Kodi addon but also as a standalone web app.
  • Your feature request? :-)

Live Demo

The demo is available at
( This demo uses static data and does not connect to live Kodi instance. )


These were taken from the live demo.

[Image: j51Afbp.jpg]


Download the latest release from releases section.
Installation instructions can be found in the README.


GitHub Repository
Issue Tracker
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tuxfuxch Offline
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looks very nice for a first version (just checked on demo (btw also very nice idea)).
* does "hotkey" work? if not but you consider adding it, here the once from kodi: keyboard_controls. (wiki) i thing it's very useful.
* it is not very responsive. i have seen the setting how many entries per row, but responsiveness would be better. if you don't know it, flexbox (a "css technique") is a great way of doing it.
* also browsing addon would be quite nice to have in a future version. (i use a lot of radio stations from addons, as many do)
* in my own webinterface i added also functionality for favorites. i love that and use it often. (especially with radio stations and video podcasts (both over addons))
for an early version very promising! looks also great. looking forward for more.

Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for all screen sizes (especially touch and small screen).
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aur0n Offline
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Looks nice, would be handy to be able to sort the results by date added, rate, etc.
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Caesium Offline
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Looks great. Nice choice with Semantic UI, also my CSS framework of choice Smile

Any plans to add PVR functionality?
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HusKy_ Offline
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Hey guys,

sorry for super late reply.

I started this UI a while ago when the default web interface sucked and I wanted to try a new tech stack.

Couple weeks ago, I finally updated Kodi to v17 which also contains Chorus2. I have to say, Chorus is pretty great and I probably won't continue my work on this web interface.
If I ever have some spare time, I'll most likely contribute to Chorus to make it even better than it is now.
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