Media Portal PVR Client error after restart / reboot / sleep INCL. Logfile
Hello Guys,

since 3-4 days, ive got a huge problem with live TV using the Mediaportal PVR addon.
Every time i restart, reboot or wake my HTPC up from sleep, Live TV is not working correctly.

When i try to start opening a channel after a reboot or something like that, it takes about 30 seconds to get an error message like "Media Portal PVR Client", nothing else.
Waiting 3-5 seconds i try to start livestream again, the PVR addon restarts and everything is working fine...

I can reproduce this error everytime i restart or wake up my machine from sleep.

Here´s a log file.

The Problem occurs at 13:30:54:xxx

what i already tried... : several restarts; put a delay to TV Card; updated MP TV Server to 1.16 and back to 1.15; installed RC 2 and back to RC3; updated Kodi Plugin from Margro to xxx.137 (seems to be the newest for me)

Problem stays the same...

Thanks in advance and best regards.
no one has an Idea or got the same problem ?
The pvr client add-on seems not to be able to fetch data from the backend when opening the channel EUROSPORT HD 1. It tried 10 times, then it aborted the "channel open" request from Kodi.
Yes, thats how it reads like. But there is no reason for that. When i press play the second time, PVR Client restarts and everything is working fine. (takes about 3-4 secs)
When i leave the htpc on, also with live tv off and switch live tv back on after maybe 3 hours, everything is still fine.

Just a restart or hibernate... then the problem occurs again.
There must be a reason, otherwise it would work. ;-)

Is the mp backend located on the same machine as Kodi is? If yes, I fear it simply needs some time to become ready for connections after system startup.

What do you mean by "client restarts"? Cannot see this in the log.
You´re right,

but i dont think, its the time... i can start my htpc then wait about half an hour, then start Kodi... the Problem stays the same. (I start kodi manually via MCE Remote, not automatically)
Yes, its the same machine. Kodi as Client and MPTVS on the same machine.

With client restart i mean, when the problem occurs after first pressing the play button to open the stream it seems like the PVR Client in Kodi is disabling by it self.
After pressing play for the second time, the pvr manager is restarting. Possible to see it in the upper right edge. TV Channels and EPG is loading again.

Then the stream opens and everyting is fine.

Could you please post a debug log containing both actions, first and as well second try to play the stream.
Also post a TVServer.log file from the backend. The PVR addon sent a tune channel command to the backend but it does not receive a response, so maybe there is something wrong at the backend side (e.g. TV card not yet ready or a TVServerKodi plugin exception). Your TVServer.log file probably contains more clues....
Developer of the MediaPortal PVR addon and retired developer of the Argus-TV PVR-addon.
Same here... (on Yesterday's nightly V17)

Just one remark:

During setup via Remote Desktop I was able to watch TV. As soon as I quit RDP and had Kodi running on my TV it stopped/crashed after 2-3 seconds.


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Media Portal PVR Client error after restart / reboot / sleep INCL. Logfile0
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