Long Todo lists
As I don't want to hijack other threads, @Dave told about a long list of things that are on his list of to-dos.

(2017-01-25, 11:49)DaveBlake Wrote:
(2017-01-24, 23:26)Rusendusen Wrote: Where's that "long list" to be found?
On a pieces of paper on my desk. Old dog, so use old tech :p
I am missing my admin staff to type this stuff up, make gant charts etc. and a whole team of people to write the user guide and the wiki etc. Any volunteers?

Na, come on, old is relative... just because my desk is cluttered with paper pieces doesn't mean I'm old, too :-)

Ok, I've taken a look into trac.kodi.tv and stumbled upon lots of open issues that are solved already!?

So what about a suggestion? (No fearing needed, I'll keep it short :-)

Open up the "long list" and we'll see together what could be done and who's there to volunteer?

I, for myself, am willing to help, as far as I can, without promises not being kept. Only thing I can say is that documentation needs updates. There's a feeling of many little parts where kodi does some (more or less) intelligent magic, the user doesn't understand. I'm new to kodi, yes, but I'm using Mediacenters since very early days. I was heavily involved in development of Mymediasystem.org, maintained the repositories (also debianwise, although this is not a grateful story), was involved in getting VDR and MMS work together, etc. I'm not a coder, but I'm able to understand things codewise (for instance the discussion about separation of GUI, core and worker threads).

So maybe other are here, too, who have some spare time left to volunteer?

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