TriggerChannelUpdate doesn't seem to create EPG for added channels
(Version: Krypton RC3 / Windows)

Hi! I've been having a problem with the PVR callbacks when new channels are added via a TriggerChannelUpdate operation. The channel(s) themselves are added into Kodi just fine and are usable, but they aren't getting the EPG created for them. So, when I subsequently call TriggerEpgUpdate for those channel(s), I get the "invalid channel or channel doesn't have an EPG" error in the logs.

Restarting Kodi (or after looking in the code it appears a suspend/wake might do it too?) fixes the problem provided the new channel(s) are reported on the first call into the addon's GetChannels() entry point.

I can't find a way to force Kodi to trigger the EPG creation for newly added channel(s) real-time. Am I overlooking something, and if so I apologize for my ignorance, or is this something that needs to be addressed in the PVR code, adding a call to create the EPG for newly added channels, perhaps in or around CPVRChannelGroupInternal::AddAndUpdateChannels?

Appreciate any assistance Wink
Hi djp952

I'm getting this same problem. I have implemented a channel scanner on the pvr.hts addon for Tvheadend, but after it finished i can reload the cannel list but can't trigger an EPG update for the new channels.

Do you have fixed this?

Best regards
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TriggerChannelUpdate doesn't seem to create EPG for added channels00