Playing all audio files in folder mode?
Browsing music in folder mode using official Kodi remote app. When I select play for the current track is it possible for it to automatically play the next track in the folder or queue all tracks in folder when I select play.

Current options Queue after content, Queue, Play only seem to play the current selected song, adds the selected song to the playlist. Ignoring all the other tracks in the current folder.

I know this can be done by adding music to the library but the music has to be correctly tagged with cover art in order to easily find it and sometimes its quicker to use file mode to find the album.
Hi, not a real solution but you can "Queue after current", "Queue" and "Play" an entire folder by tapping and holding it instead of entering into the folder. I know that maybe you want start from a certain track number but, as you correctly stated, it's possible only when in library mode. In library mode the remote app knows the album to which the track belongs, so the app adds to the playlist the albumid and starts playing the track from the position you have choosed from the remote.
Thanks. I realised I could just highlight the folder I wanted to play and select queue after, queue or play to add all the tracks in the selected folder to the playlist. Then start listening to them in that order, edit the playlist to remove tracks, change the play order or hold down the edit button to quickly clear the playist.
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Playing all audio files in folder mode?00