Kodi 17 - AutoStart Kodi (Windows 10) without Launcher4Kodi?
(2017-07-21, 04:20)jp2code Wrote: Now, the question remains: Where is Kodi 17.3?
The obvious answer is to search your PC for Kodi.exe & see what turns up. It sounds like you chose to install it to different directory as ordinarily it would just install over the top.

I just had a thought, did you install the Windows Store version? That would explain why it's installed in a different location.
Yes, I did a search using the text "kodi" on the C drive. All references were either in "Program Files (x86)" or "AppData\Local".

Also, I accepted the defaults when I installed, but it was about 6 months ago when I did this. I went to the Kodi download page, clicked the download.

Today, I see it gives you the option of Windows Store, 32-bit, or 64-bit. I do not think it gave me the option when I installed. I remember the installer being different, so my guess is Windows Store version. I figured that's just what Kodi turned into. ...and I installed using the defaults.
You probably have the Windows Store version then, but without the exact paths it's impossible to say.
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