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Feature Request - Additional info on search screen, tags in renamer and faster validation

I discover tinyMediaManager : what's great piece of software Big Grin

After a few days of practice, here are my few questions/remarks :
  • On search screen, when we have to select the valid movie, several movies are sometimes suggested ... To be undoubted of the choice when I do not know the movie, I play the beginning and the end to identify the producer, the director and the main actors. None of this info is displayed in the search screen : I have to select one of the movies, close the search screen then make sure it is the right one ... or not (and so to do it again). Is it possible to add producer, director and three main actors under the summary (there is enough place Wink)
  • How to use the $U tag in the renamer ?
  • In addition to the $I tag for the IMBd database, is it possible to add a tag for TMBD ?
  • To validate all choices (select a movie, change fanart, etc), we have to click on the button. To be faster, a image double-clicked could be considered as validation ? Is it also possible to add shortcuts for validation button ?

Any help and answer will be appreciate ...
Kind regards
I'll check your suggestion for the next big version where we do a lot of gui changes.
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Additional info on search screen, tags in renamer and faster validation00