v17 Playlist Randomize (BUG?) (icw artist slideshow)
(2017-01-26, 22:49)Lngr Wrote: I've been struggling to create a playlist which randomizes my 1000+ mp3 singles.

In KODI 16 i used to have a playlist which could create an endless list and randomize the songs at the same time when executed.
(list based on genre top40 music)
This seems impossible in 17 or am I missing something here? (the random, or mixed, option seems to be greyed out while creating an intelligent playlist)
Best way to create a large randomized playlist is to use "Party Mode". That means editing the default Party Mode smart playlist, in the lists of plalists, and adding what rules you like e.g. genre, path etc. to pick the songs that get shuffled. Then from anywhere in the library you can choose "Party Mode" from the side blade, and the current playing music gets populated with random songs that match those rules.

Quote:When quick starting the created intelligent playlist (through a sub menu shortcut e.g.) the playlist does not load Music Brains artist ID's and so no artist slidesows. (yes, i've tagged all my music with picard......)

Hope I make sense..
Sorry, no that doesn't. If the music files were tagged with mbids, then they are scanned into the library, and they are there when music is played back too (even if there are no info labels to display them).

Artist slideshow will be provided by an addon. Find out what you are using and ask in the addon forum if that isn't doing what you expect.

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