v16 Loading large albums takes forever
(2017-01-28, 11:54)DaveBlake Wrote: With 4000 songs that is some "album"!!

No, but it could simply be a folder that should be played!

Quote:There is a known weakness in Kodi with viewing the songs node, or adding a large number of songs to the current playlist. It is nothing to do with the database or where the files are located, but down to how Kodi maniuplates data in internal memory. A solution requires a major redesign, but people are looking into doing that.

Pls, Dave, do us a favor and let us participate here! What's the magic kodi's doing here? Who's looking into it and where? I'm unable to find any discussion on that topic? Transparency would help understanding.

Quote:For myself I still question why anyone wants so many songs in a list, I find it better to choose the music I want to listen to at the time. Kodi music library is far better at that than Winamp. But if Winamp does what you need then great.
Sorry, there's no need to question a user's decision. Let's stay on KISS principle: if something is possible, it should work. Simple as that. If I'm able to hit play on a folder, kodi simply should do that. It's possible, so it should work. If it's not working, why is it possible? That's all to question...

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