v16 Loading large albums takes forever
(2017-01-28, 14:28)heula Wrote:
(2017-01-28, 14:25)DaveBlake Wrote: Kodi can support that kind of use (without slow loading issues) via "Party Mode", assuming that your music files are tagged and have been added to the music library....
Okay, will try that. Does this goes faster?
Yes. Party Mode is the best way in Kodi to handle playing a long list of songs randomly.

(2017-01-29, 13:41)Rusendusen Wrote: Pls, Dave, do us a favor and let us participate here! What's the magic kodi's doing here? Who's looking into it and where? I'm unable to find any discussion on that topic? Transparency would help understanding.
I guess for now they, and it is not me, just want to work quietly and make some progress. Much as I love to discuss and explain, it does reduce the amount of time I have to actually get changes done!!

Quote:Sorry, there's no need to question a user's decision.
I question people's choices all the time, it is not a criticism, just me thinking aloud. Sometimes I think "hey what a great idea", others I think "that's bonkers". Just like other users I often express my opinion too. Sometimes I get an inspiring reply that changes my view and behaviour. Often users actually want something other than what they seem to ask for, so there is a need to question decisions.
Quote:Let's stay on KISS principle: if something is possible, it should work. Simple as that. If I'm able to hit play on a folder, kodi simply should do that. It's possible, so it should work. If it's not working, why is it possible? That's all to question...
It does work, it is just slow in some situations. :p

There is a flaw in what you say too. The quickest fix that fits your principle, and it has been suggested more than once by other devs, is that the songs node be removed. That is make it impossible for the user to create large lists of songs. But that is not a good solution is it?

From time to time we hear from users that "Kodi does not do what <insert own choice of other old software> can". As a volunteer dev that statement does not make me want to rush off and make Kodi do what XXX does. It is simple, if XXX already does the job then use that.

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