v16 Loading large albums takes forever
I am human, poke me with a stick and I get grumpy!

I explained there is a known flaw with large lists being slow to display. It is a fundamental design issue so is not esy to fix, but I understand it enough to know I do not have the resources (time, skill, others to collaborate with) to even begin to address it. Instead I offer the user a work around, that is the best I've got.

I admit that I am not too distressed about that, but nothing would be gained even if I were. Some people may see the slowness of very large lists of songs as a terrible flaw, but as a user myself I have never found it a problem. Why is that? Well for me a digital library is all about being able to easily make short lists that target my needs, not wade through the lot. So I observe this users need, and I compare it to my own, and I conclude that Kodi is useable even if it isn't what everyone wants. I also conclude that if I work on things that make targeted lists easier, something I do have the resouces for, then that will be of benefit.

Then @Rusendusen I hear from you that "Kodi should do this", that it is "unacceptable" etc. Well you are entitled to your view, that is fine, but it also sounds like you want me to do something more. Well your wanting and repeating does not make the resources appear, and the frustration of being on the receiving end makes me understand why some of the long standing dev team members have a little to do with users as possible.

So let the grumpy guy chill out a bit, and no doubt in a short while usual friendly service will be resumed.

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