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I found a question in the wall of text

Quote:May I ask for a short statement if these plans of yours together with your set limits are negotiated and agreed?
I don't know who I am meant to negotiate and agree anything with? And unfortunately I am not sure how much time I have to spend on Kodi, or how much I will get done in that time. Software always takes longer than you want it too, and I may get diverted into supporting users, having long discussions, or fixing essential bugs. I am a limited resource, but it is hard to qualtify what that limit means exactly. Also any thing I do then needs approveal, which will take an unknown time outside my control and may not be forthcomming in the end.

My work is sequential, change upon change, so practically I have to wait for one PR to clear (or not) before I submit the next. I can tell you that the next thing I have waiting is the processing of ARTISTSORT tags and the facility to sort using that rather than name.

I am still debating if I work on making that available via JSON API too, or if I leave JSON changes to do in a block.

My feeling is to get as many tags processed as possible, before adding functionality around them, so I would probably look at correct date tag handling release vs original. But there are other niggles, and if I can se any low hanging fruit I might pick that. But I have custom tag handling in mind too.

It is planning for one, and Kodi is a hobby (I take it seriously, but it is meant to be fun), so it is pretty lose.

Quote:The feeling I've got from reading around is that music in kodi is in an accepted state (dev wise), but not in a good state
I feel it is unfair on all those that went before me to say "music is not in a good state". Relative to what? From where I am it has lots of happy users. It could always be better, of course it could, but all of Kodi has a mix of both wonders and terrors. I feel music is a little bit of a Cinderalla, most of the team aren't familiar with it so the assupmtion is it must contain a monster, and it really doesn't. Or to be honest the monster is something that video and music libraries have in common. From a data schema view point the music db is fine compared to video. But it is not a competition. It is not about being defensive either, but it is too easy to talk things down.

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