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Please help I have this skin and when I want to add a Local dir like "Downloads" as a source it deletes the button to add another local dir. This is also for the music section.
I've switched back to confluence to see if it was happening there also and it also just shows me the Folder which I've added but the "+" is not there like I can just add one directory for local videos and music.
When I have a clean confluence version I can add as many local sources as I want but in Phenomenal I can only set 1?
Fresh install would probs fix it

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I know that works but I would like to have the option to add more (video or music) sources in Phenomenal because I like this skin.
Found out that I needed to check setting which allows the Add Source button.
But its not working fine.
I have a custom entry in my home menu which sends me to a page which has 2 options: Local Video Files and Local Music Files.

I have these 2 favourites the music section works for some reason but the videos add source button will not open if i use videoplaylist, if I use Videos or VideoLibrary it works but on return or quit its sends me to the Video Page which shows me the Files, Playlist and Video Addons I do not want this how can I disable this.

<favourite name="My Videos" thumb="DefaultFolder.png">ActivateWindow(videoplaylist,&quot;library://video/files.xml/&quot;,return)</favourite>
<favourite name="My Music" thumb="DefaultFolder.png">ActivateWindow(musicplaylist,&quot;library://music/files.xml/&quot;,return)</favourite>

Another question why do I need a password to add video or music sources can I make an exeption somewhere for this, I still need the password set.
Delete this topic please, I was just trying to make a simple build with my family for our kids but seems we cannot get our shares to be added without extra menus which require a password so I've deleted this.
Also need to find a way to delete my OWN started topics.
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