Large music collection causes freezing
Hi All,

So I have a rather big music collection of almost 100 GB. I have noticed that when playing a song and skimming through Library/Albums, the song pauses and at times Kodi freezez. This also happens when selecting a song to play. At times there is a pretty big delay before the song even starts. Same issues when say opening up an album to view the songs within.

Here is my set up,

-All my music is stored on a SMB share, Im sure the fact I am using a network share has something to do with it
-Fire TV (second edition) wired connection

So I am wondering if there are any options within Kodi to perhaps take some functionality away in order for this issue not to happen?

Thanks all for the help.
Yes, there is an option!

Provide debug logging! :-)
testing this
hey please ignore. I am having an issue posting at the moment.
Ok so after a few tries of trying to post the log I am recieving a user blocked message. I have tried using the insert formated code function and still get the same message. Yet I am able to post simply text posts. What am I missing?
Don't try to paste the log directly into your forum post. Instead either copy it into pastebin and post the link here or follow the instructions here.

My music's also over 100gb and I'm using a NAS via SMB with Fire TV with a wireless connection and don't have these problems, though I did have a lot of problems when I first updated to version 17. In the end I factory reset my Fire TV and reinstalled Kodi. It was a bit of pain at the time but it's been working perfectly since then. I'm not saying you need to do that but hopefully we can find out the problem so you don't have to look at reducing functionality.
Read this

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Large music collection causes freezing0
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