v17 DVD menu cursor disappeared
On latest Kodi 17 RC4 the cursor on dvd menus does not appear. Selecting items works, but blindly, it's just the cursor not appearing.
Tried with the "hide introduction" option on/off, NTSC and PAL dvds.
Rolled back to see what was the last working build, thankfully it didn't take long, so last working (windows) build was KodiSetup-20170126-0ec98b9-Krypton.

debug log
There was only a single change in this period: 11551 (PR)
fix 11572 (GH issue)

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(2017-01-29, 16:54)Martijn Wrote: Try


Yes, it works.
Internal subtitles of bd.iso also work with this build (305256 (thread)).

However I experienced some strange behaviour on a clean installation of this build, on it's first run kodi would minimise at random.
I switched window mode (from default true fullscreen to fullscreen window) and the issue resolved.
Now I'm at true fullscreen again, trying to reproduce and capture a log, but I don't see the issue anynore.
Have no idea if this is related.

Thanks for quick responce afedchin.

I've tried again with a fresh installation of this build and this time didn't get the above issue, I guess it was the windows firewall trying to get focus with the access permission window. I've seen it in previous v17 builds though. I believe the minimisation wouldn't have happened with fullscreen window.
This brought me one question.
All these years, fullscreen window was default, and that didn't work well on some systems (at least every nvidia system I've checked had stuttery playback with fullscreen window).
Now with v17 this seems to be fixed, and videos play perfectly in fullscreen window mode too, but the default now is True Fulscreen mode.
So, are there any benefits with using true fullscreen anymore?
Yes, on first run (if exe file never was executed on this machine) the windows firewall ask you about permissions for Kodi and it may cause minimize Kodi window.
true full screen mode requires less resources and has less issues, so it's preferable mode
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