Simkl TV Tracker 1.0

When you watch 75% of the video on Kodi (configurable in Add-On options), Simkl Add-on will send a ping to the Simkl API that you watched the video and Simkl will mark this video as watched in your Simkl profile.

Simkl Add-On for Kodi can detect and mark TV Show, Anime episodes and Movies that you watch on your Kodi Media Player.

Even when Kodi could not recognise the video you’re watching, it will send the filename to Simkl as well, which has a better detection library, especially for Anime filenames so everything that you watch can be recognised and marked as watched. Simkl knows what you're watching, tells you episodes you've missed, and connects you to what your friends are into.

With Simkl you can:
̣─ Keep track of what you've watched
─ Have a cool profile with curious info (My profile:
─ Connect with friends
─ Compare watchlist with friends so you know what to watch

With this Add-on you can:
─ Scrobble automatically the TV Show or film that you are watching to Simkl
─ More things coming (maybe) soon Big Grin

─ Open Kodi. Then go to Settings » Add-ons » Search. Search for Simkl
─ Now it should show a prompt with instructions to Login. If this doesn't happen, go to Settings » Add-ons » My Add-ons » Services » Simkl » Configure » LogIn

Tested on...
Kodi 16 ─ v1.0.0 Arch Linux (Jan 2017)
Kodi 17 ─ v1.0.4 Arch Linux (Feb 2017)
Kodi 17 ─ v1.0.4 Windows 10 (Feb 2017)

- Q: Can I test Dev versions of the addon?
- A: Of course, you have the source on GitHub (Remember to check the branches)

- Q: I found a bug, what should I do?
- A: Reply to this post or report it on GitHub's Issues (Better)
This is so awesome! Created my Simkl profile and have been using it for the past two weeks. It works flawlessly with Kodi, automatically marks as watched whatever I watch on my Kodi TV and get I Email and FB Messenger notifications when the new episode is released, or check my Simkl dashboard and I can watch it on Kodi.
cool website and great addon , looking forward for the next updates
The "Sync Library" option is grayed out and i cant enable it, so is there a way similar to the trakt plugin to sync the watched status from simkl to my kodi library?
(2017-03-02, 13:57)Andy2222 Wrote: The "Sync Library" option is grayed out and i cant enable it, so is there a way similar to the trakt plugin to sync the watched status from simkl to my kodi library?

It's 'greyed out' because it's under development. If you like to test things, there is a branch on GitHub with a workaround.
Is there a known problem with Kodi 17.1?
I have simkl installed and it notes that i'm "logged in", yet the scrobbling is no working at all?
I have also installed and the the shows i recently watched are all marked watched in trakt, but not in simkl.

Are there any steps i can try to see why simkl is not scrobbling?
There was a lot of fixes. You can test it now[2.0.0 version, it's not pushed yet to kodi, but you can download it from Git], it should work with Kodi 17.1 except sync function, it's still in progress

Thanks for your job on this addon. I use mainly trakt but i'm trying simkl.

I have an issue : when i watch trailers with my addon "allociné", simkl is scrobbling the movie (i have a notification). Can i enable scrobbling only for real movies ?

Oh, wow. Will try to add a limit so that it would not scroble movies that are less than 10 minutes long so it would not track trailers.
i already connected my account to facebook,
to sharing what i watch and then i watching some episode and notification pop-up
and when i check my facebook & the app not post what i watch on my timelime..
is this still developing?
INTEL: Core i3 - HD 4400
KODI: 18.3
LIBRARY: Movies - TV Shows
OS: Windows 8 - iOS 12 & Android 8
Did you try to mark as watched from the site? Will your timeline still be empty?
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