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(2017-01-25, 11:49)DaveBlake Wrote: I am missing my admin staff to type this stuff up, make gant charts etc. and a whole team of people to write the user guide and the wiki etc. Any volunteers?

I am very happy to try and help in whatever way I can. I try to answer some of the questions on the forum I think I can help with and if you or anyone else has bits of the wiki they think are lacking I can take a bash at that. The only thing is that I don't go near musicbrainz IDs or picard, which is unfortunately the biggest change that's happening, and I guess correct tagging is the part that needs the most updating on the wiki. I can try to research it a bit and write something, but it's not going to be from a user's perspective. It's not that I don't agree with the musicbrainz IDs, particularly for those that have not previously scanned their metadata, it's just that I did all my tagging long ago, when we still had access to allmusic, etc, and don't want to mess up my existing data.

If there is anything else you or other users think needs overhauling on the wiki or you need help in any other ways please shout. I really do want to help as I've got so much enjoyment from Kodi, but I equally don't want to get in the way.
So we are 2 already :-)
And 3, I'm getting back into music now with v17 it works very well.
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Thanks guys,

@Rusendusen I wasn't meaning to duplicate. I was trying to address what is already on the to-do list to relieve some of Dave's time pressure, rather than creating a wish list that may add to or divert his energies. Sorry if that was the intent of your thread as well.

Having looked at the wiki it seems to me that the tagging part has already been done pretty comprehensively. I could do something on using mp3tag but I think that would just confuse people and the wiki probably needs a single method for new users to get the hang of it. Perhaps the 2 sections for Music Tagging and MusicBrainz Metadata should be merged as the latter seems now to be the default for the former. What do you think?

I don't think nfo files need any more explanation than is already there.

The Playback Section looks a little dated. Not Beck so much as the viz - very 1990s. This section probably could do with a lot of re-working, and I'm not sure where Party Mode playlists are fully explained. From reading some of the recent threads this could maybe do with more emphasis. I'm also not too sure about where things are with getting ratings from the AudioDB but an explanation of ratings and userratings is probably going to be needed somewhere along the line. I also think lyrics needs a big bounce up, as for me its one of the things that sets Kodi apart from winamp and the like, and at the moment I think Ronie's work is a little hidden off in the forums.

@docwra - one thing that does look like it could add value is transferring your guides on creating Nodes to the wiki (specifically for music I mean).

One tricky question is that once Krypton becomes the stable release should all the images be updated to Estuary. Given that most music users are a little wary of Estuary I think it's difficult to decide how best to approach this. I don't think it's a good idea to say "the default skin is a little weak on music functionality so we recommend ...." but equally it wouldn't be useful for new users to see all the images in a skin they don't recognise. Hmmmm. I could spend some time with Estuary and try to see which bits it works ok with and which need a different approach. Don't know if there's a more broad brush plan for this in the wiki by team-Kodi already though.

Finally, I haven't ripped a cd for about 5 years and I don't really use addons. It does strike me that Spotify has probably overtaken Grooveshark in the public consciousness and could be worth a mention, if only to show Kodi's not completely dressed in corduroy.

Anyway, that's my initial ideas but I'll wait and see which bits particularly bug Dave so I don't hare off and create a big mess.
All good ideas, i'm always up for editing the wiki when I'm interested in a new topic.

I always use the latest screenshots from Kodi. So much has changed in v17 for the better, its worth upgrading for everyone imo.
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Paul helping support other users when you can is a great contribution. One reason why I spend time explaining things on the forum is I hope that if more people understand they too can spread the word. So, thanks for that.

Testing releases is a help too. The biggest block there is that I can only really make test releases for win32, the compiles for other platforms need to bound to an OS (like LibreElec) and that is beyond me. But if you have a spare Windows machine that you can install Kodi on and point at your music files, then all good, testing does not have to be done on your real music system.

Then there is wiki. Written from a user viewpoint can be a good thing, even better if you don't mind me making corrections to any facts that are getting lost. As a user you are also more likely to spot the holes than I am. I do feel like I repeat myself on the forum, so I'm sure that some of my repeat explanations could be transfered into wiki - which, where, not so sure, I'm just not that organised. But if someone would like to organise my out pourings then that would be great. To be clear: I don't need a new boss telling me what to do, but I would be delighted if someone compiled some of the material I have scattered through the forum.

Estuary is a tricky question, the fact is that other skins (inc. Confluence) show some music information that Estuary doesn't. This is a great shame, and will hopefully be fixed in v18, but definitely isn't going to be for v17. I think the Wiki should show screen shots from both, but that is just my opinion. Persoanlly I have never experimented with skins, but I always thought that a library of screen shots comparing a wide range of them would be really interesting. That is a separate matter though.

And thanks all of you for the genuine offers of help. What I really need most is a time machine Smile
OK, I was thinking more as a member of a community than as an apostle, but at some stage I'll try to go back through your posts to record the wisdom.
Gosh I was hoping for an endentured slave Smile

Seriously, only do what you feel comfotable with, and if I am just being a lazy B*** then then tell me so.
* Martijn wants to say something but decides it's better not Wink
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May I ask if there's a draft section in wiki for music? It sure would be good, to collect worthy links to posts or snippets which should go into wiki...
For instance this one:
Quote:While doing that big retagging with Picard, it would have been good to add
in the Picard tagger script (found under Options>Options>Advanced>Scripting) to ensure you have an ALBUMARTIST tag, sadly Picard does not do this by default yet.

That would save time in wiki creation and snippets can be sorted which then gives the later topics to be added.
Sorry, no draft section and I suspect that only team members can edit the Kodi wiki at the moment. Both @jjd_uk and @zag have offered to fill gaps in user guides if I can provide the info, or suggest what is needed.

Gathering the info as snipets is a great idea. I can offer a forum thread, that everyone can access and I can easily split out any misplaced posts (asking questions rather than gathering snippets)
I am willing to help, if I can. I can test instructions to make sure they make sense to new users, and I can write or rewrite/edit/whatever text to make it clear/clearer.

I've also got lots of computers, and I can test anything, as long as I'm told what I'm looking for/testing for/what you want feedback on.

Please let me know if I can do anything.

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