Win deleting tv recordings but leaving the recording heading
Hi Guys,

Think I've put this in the correct section.
Using Kodi 17 rc4 on Windows 10 x64, also using mediaportal 2.1 as the tv server, this is all on the one pc my media center. Also have various tv fta recordings kept on another hdd.
When I have watched a recording I then try to delete it using the mce remote and button 0 which I configured in the mce remote addon replacing the 0 with Delete. It worked once then not again. Have also tried using right click on the mouse. The file is deleted in the recording hdd but the heading is still in the recording section of Kodi TV.
Tried using different rest options within the mce remote addon even using Kodi under admin but to no avail.
I have attempted successfully I hope to obtain the log when attempting to delete a recording and hopefuuly uploaded it to:
Hope this is correct, could you please advise.

Well Guys just an update,

It seems I have fixed this issue but I'm not sure how I did it or what was causing it as I haven't had any replies yet. But here goes -

I was looking for a setting to enable keyboard like presses while using the remote but I couldn't find one. I used the mce addon to set the rc6 remote to windows default which I did ( I had to run Kodi v17 rc4 as admin to do this ). I then went to edit keyboard.xml in the mce addon and was informed that it didn't exit would I like to download it so I said yes. After downloading the keyboard xml then the mouse right click delete of a recording worked including the heading in the Kodi TV recording section, and also seeing as the 0 on the remote was configured as Delete in the mce addon, the remote worked in Deleting the recording and Kodi heading as well. when pressing the 0 for the delete menu.
It seems that the remote keyboard presses wouldn't work because the keyboard xml didn't exit in Kodi until I downloaded it.
Is this normal or an issue with the Kod version I have.

Hi Guys,

Any chance one of you knowledgeable people could find the time to advise me on my first post and with regard to the log file I uploaded even though I seem to have fixed it somehow as in my second post, just in case I was lucky.

I just started playing with a Kodi 17 + MediaPortal 2 combination on Windows 10 (64-bit) and have encountered the same issue with deleting recordings, though I'm not deleting them through the MCE remote. I am deleting them through the Android app and the right-click menu.

It seems unlikely that the issue would be related to MCE remote settings, though it's interesting to note that I added the MCE remote add-on prior to playing with the TV functionality. I couldn't get the remote working quickly, so decided to focus on the TV setup as that was more important (and I can control Kodi through the Android app anyway).

When I select to delete recordings, they are deleted from the directory where they are stored (E:\Recorded TV) however, they still appear in the "Recordings" section of Kodi, but trying to do anything with them will pop-up an error.

I've uploaded a debug log to:

Although I have a dual-tuner DVB-T card in my system, the only device I am attempting to use currently is a USB Hauppauge DVB-S tuner.

I notice from the log:
Quote:15:52:54.792 T:3276 NOTICE: AddOnLog: MediaPortal PVR Client: Warning: no recording share defined in the TVServerXBMC settings for card 'Hauppauge Model 139xxx SAT Tuner'
15:52:54.792 T:3276 NOTICE: AddOnLog: MediaPortal PVR Client: Warning: no timeshift share defined in the TVServerXBMC settings for card 'Hauppauge Model 139xxx SAT Tuner'

I am not sure whether this is somehow related, or what it means. I have set up MediaPortal's TV server to use directories:
Recordings = E:\Recorded TV
Timeshift = C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\timeshiftbuffer

Any help to debug this issue would be appreciated.

eltell68 - I kind of think that you may have just got lucky, but
(2017-02-12, 23:23)Ed76 Wrote:

Thank you Ed76 - I saw the heading of that thread when I did a Google search, which took me to page 2 of the thread, and when I (admittedly) skim-read the posts, I got the impression that the OP couldn't delete the files at all (not that the files were being deleted and the headings remaining in Kodi, as per this thread).

At least now, with a link between these two threads, people should be able to find the information more easily. Smile

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