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I'm looking for a way to mirror my desktop pc to kodi (openelec on a raspberry pi). I want to mirror the full desktop, not just streaming some YouTube or other video. Just like mirroring your pc to a smart tv.
Is this possible? And if so, what do i need?

(No, i can't just connect pc to tv by HDMI, since i don't have HDMI on my pc)
It might help if you explain what you are trying to achieve by mirroring your PC desktop to Kodi? What are you wanting to do?
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Just viewing exactly wat i'm doing on the pc, without having to put another screen in my livingroom. I just want to put the pc in a corner, control it by wireless mouse and keyboard, and view it on kodi.
No, not possible.
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Kodi supports Airplay. You can use (buy) an airplay compatible sender to stream your screen to it. For example Airparrot.
OP, this might not be exactly what you are looking for, but maybe this can help.

Install VNC on both Kodi media box and Desktop PC. Then with the help of some customization of the skin and a third party addon (advanced lanucher), you can add a shortcut to the VNC app in kodi.

The pro of VNC might be that you can mirror and control the desktop PC

I see that the creators of tightVNC also has this https://www.tightprojector.com/ , it is a program specifically designed for casting. Same principal as above will be used
Or you can use VLC on your PC to stream your desktop screen to any DLNA client, like a smart TV or Kodi.
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