OS X -  Overheating and Kodi 17
(2017-03-20, 20:58)quayrd Wrote: I typically see this issue (fan blowing hard) on my macbook air if the kodi video is paused or if the kodi is not on the displayed desktop. i.e. Kodi is running on desktop 2 and I have desktop 1 on the macbook screen. I dont believe i have heard the fan blowing before kodi was installed.

Same issue here, and it's a Kodi 17/Krypton issue (never happened with 16/Jarvis for me).

I assigned Kodi to "All Desktops" (Ctrl-Click on Dock icon, Options, then "All Desktops") and that seems to have fixed it for me.
(2017-02-24, 23:41)teomor Wrote: Yeah, it doesn't matter if I'm on my external monitor or not (at first I thought the mirroring was the culprit, but no). Kodi 17 consistently uses more CPU for everything. A lot more CPU, such that my fan starts running, which I never ever hear otherwise.

BUT! Now I have a new clue. Kodi 16 also uses more CPU when pausing a video. More CPU when pausing than when actually playing the video. Same thing happens, the fan starts running when I pause a video, but not when I'm playing it. Maybe it's useful. Just saying..
An it also happens when a long video title is scrolling in the list view, or when the RSS news is scrolling (I always turn that off because of this).

Recently my Kodi (v16.1~git20160424.1410-final-0wily on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS, 64bit, Intel HD 6000) started doing the same thing. Specifically, the fans would kick in and quickly go to their maximum speed if I either paused a video or left Kodi idle at any menu screen. No problems whatsoever during playback. Never had the fans run before, ever really.

I had been using the AppTV skin, however, but a few weeks ago switched to the Nebula skin. It did not occur to me that the skin could be the problem, but sure enough, after switching to Black Glass Nova, the problem (so far) has stopped.

With Nebula, it did not matter if Kodi was idle and showing or if I had switched to another desktop viewport. Either way, the fans would max out and my system temp would approach critical. (90 deg C and higher, critical is 105 C for my system).

In summary, then: Some of these overheating issues may be related to third-party skins, at least on Kodi 16.
Yeah, but the thing is I'm not using any 3rd party skins. I'm on Confluence, or whatever the default one is called. I'm gonna try different skins to see if that helps, but nevertheless, the default skin shouldn't do that.
I have the same issue with my iMac


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Overheating and Kodi 1700