not displaying artist bio, album review....
Doing a fresh install of Kodi 16.

I have nfo's for all my artist and albums that I know have worked in the past.
Right now with my music library all scanned in Kodi is not displaying things like Artist biography and also not displaying reviews for albums.

If I go to the info screen for either the artist or the album and hit refresh then the info is now available.

Why didn't it pick this info up on the initial scan and is there a way for me to have it 'refresh' the whole library like this at once.
Doing a 160 artists and 500+ albums manually isn't a pleasant thought.

I recall having this issue years ago on my initial install but cannot recall how I solved it...
By the way all my .flac files are displaying properly so it's reading the id tags correctly and my artwork is there.... it just doesn't seem to pull the info from the .nfo unless I manually refresh...
Scraping is not automatic by default - too many users had tagging issues to sort out first that scraping immediately was making a mess. It also gives the opportunity fro user to check and change the scraper settings.

Once happy that the library has populated from your tags correctly, obviously you are, you can scrape all artist.nfo by clicking "Query Info for All" from context menu when viewing the artists node. Likewise you can scrape all album.nfo by clicking "Query Info for All" from context menu when viewing the albums node.

You can also change the system settings to enable "fetch additional information on library update", so that scarping happens on library update if you want.
Hey DaveBlake,

Thanks.... I knew it was something simple like that but I just wasn't seeing that when I went through the menus 50 times!!

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not displaying artist bio, album review....0
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