How do series/show episode scrapers work?
I've read the wiki pages about how to develop scraper XML:

How_To_Write_Media_Info_Scrapers (wiki)
Scraper.xml (wiki)

and I've made my own movies scraper, but I don't understand how the scraper XML for series/show episodes works and I don't see any documentation for most of the stuff I see in addons/

How do series/show scrapers work? I'm going blind trying to read the C++.
it it's pretty much the same process except GetDetails is for the show info. this returns an url passed through GetEpisodeList which returns the list of episode info urls from the backend. kodi then enumerates episodes, and does a GetEpisodeDetails for each available episode.
Thanks! Someone should add that to the wiki. :-)
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How do series/show episode scrapers work?00