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Is there a way to list all movies in tmn by IMDBs Top 250 and see which movies from the Top 250 are missing in the collection?

Thank you in advance.
You can export your movie list to a spreadsheet using export code for the field - ${movie.top250} - and then compare it with the IMDb's online list.
Note that the site's constantly updating the list, so you'd better update your movies' IMDb rating right before exporting.
Sorry for buttin into that thread.

Is there a way to filter that flag within TMM - show only movies with the TOP250 flag set?

Thanks in advance.
(2017-02-09, 10:38)hawikoeln Wrote: Is there a way to filter that flag within TMM - show only movies with the TOP250 flag set?

I don't think that's possible. But filtering to movies with IMDb rating higher than around 7.5 would help in reducing the size of the eligible sub-collection.
Why 7.5 instead of 8.0 which almost always is the rating of the last 250th movie?
Because they use different rating for Top 250 chart from each movie's user rating. I'm not sure what the lowest user rating of every 250th movies actually was but 7.5 seems to be a safe bet.
+1 for this

BUT --> If you do a 'Scrape metadata for selected movies' - And choose to use IMDB as the Metadata scraper, Remembering to DESELECT ALL metadata options with the exceptions of Rating - To keep your existing metadata from your other scraper of choice.

After updating - it will show the IMDB top 250 number - in the top of the screen with the ratings on the movie info screen


So if the rating field was split up into TWO ratings for everything - Your scraper of choice (like themoviedb) and IMDB - And if the ratings field could be extended to show this info :-D
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