Release - Kodi 17.0 Krypton - Released!

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If you wanted to help you would.
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(2017-02-26 21:36)l3ny Wrote:  If you wanted to help you would.

You've been told countless times that this is not a support thread and to start your own thread in the relevant sub-forum. Now you get a week off to think about it.

Always read the Kodi online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Read/follow the forum rules.
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This thread will now be closed. It has served it's purpose of informing users that 17 has been released.

Support issues should be posted in the appropriate subforum. Generally that will be one of the subforums here:

If it doesn't quite fit there, go to the top level menu, the subforums are set out there very logically and clearly.

And a reminder,

If I have helped you or increased your knowledge, click the 'thank user' button to give thanks :) (People with less than 20 posts won't see the "Thank you" button.)
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