[iOS] Kodi Remote Wake On Lan not working since last update

Since the last update of the remote app the WOL feature of the remote app stopped working for me. Presumably this is due to it detecting MAC address incorrectly as "02:00:00:00:00:00". Re-Discovering/etc has no effect and all other functionality works perfectly.

Is there any way I can manually specify the MAC address that I'm just missing? I'm out of ideas to try on my end so any help would be greatly appreciated.


This is on iOS 10 + iPhone 6. Worth mentioning that other apps on the same phone (e.g. Fing) have no problem triggering the WOL (but they do have the correct MAC address).

it is already fixed in the development branch, in the meantime you can manually input the mac address into the host edit view. Ah, there is another bug fixed in the development branch: the bug is that sometimes the app could crash while typing the mac address :|
Thanks for that Joe. Interestingly, I have no field for editing the host mac address (I only have hostname, port, username & password).

Since it's a known (and fixed) issue I'm happy to wait until the next update push.

Thanks again!
Thanks for the patience Big Grin but when detecting wrongly with "02:00:00:00:00:00", that field is editable also.
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