[Android] How do display only installed addons in Kore
I tried to limit installed addons in Kodi (for clarity and ease of navigation) to only the ones I use. Uninstalled most, ended up with dozen or so.
I just installed Kore on my Android phone. I was able to get it to work.
I noticed that Kore displays video addons including the ones I uninstalled from Kodi, making it much more tedious to navigate the list. Also when accidentally clicking uninstalled addon it prompts to install - only on TV screen, no indication on phone, so I have to look at the TV to figure out why addon not working.
Is there a way to limit display of addons in Kore to only ones installed in Kodi?
Thank you.

Sorry if resolved elsewhere - did my search - couldn't find the answer.
Anyone? Any solution? Please...
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How do display only installed addons in Kore00