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Multiple VDR backends (server)
Hi there. Been using VDR since nearly ever :-)

I've got a headless server (Ubuntu) in one room and a client (RPi3 with LE) in living room. Both have a separate sat receiver. I had it like that before and was able to set timers on server from client (remotetimer plugin).
As I now have switched, I sadly miss the easy-to-use VDR OSD,but that's not the point here :-)
There's also another client in bedroom (s905x) and my Tablet with kodi. (all v17)

What I want to be able to do is the following:
Both VDR instances should use their own receivers but should also serve the other with streamdev server/client in case a recording is running, so I'm able to still watch whatever I want.
Normally I would set up the clients as vnsi clients to the server. In this case, the vdr.backend on LE would only be used as a streamdev-server to the server and vnsi pointing to the server, too.

If I get it right, it's not possible to make vnsi use 2 backends/servers, correct? Read something about cloning the vnsi addon?
So if I use the backend on the RPi3 with vnsi (only local usage), I'm not able to trigger recordings on the server anymore, correct?

What would be the best way to have some transparent usage of 2 independent backends? Someone with a similar setup?

If any questions occur, feel free to ask :-)
Currently this is not possible. But Alwin is rewriting the entire addon system and once he is finished you can have multiple instances of the same addon type.
Thx for letting me know!

I now have solved it with minisatip

The RPi3 client with LE 7.95.2 runs minisatip addon from CvH (see: nicely :-)

With plugin-satip I can use the receiver from client transparently over network on the server.

All clients may now connect only to the vdr server :-)

This is a cool setup as every client with its own receiver (Wetek or whatever external tuner as long as supported) is able to provide the signal without running vdr.backend on clients (performance).

It adds traffic to the lan, but if the server hasn't got direct connection to sat cables, one can use all connected clients as receivers

Minisatip uses app 10% instead of 20% for vdr.backend

Multiple VDR backends (server)00