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Kodi 17 - Going back after selecting shortcut from home menu doesn't return home?
Hi everyone! I have a problem regarding shortcuts in the home menu and I was hoping you guys could help me out.
I recall in Jarvis that, once a shortcut was clicked, going back would return to the home screen. Yet I find that in the Krypton release, after selecting a shortcut from the menu and pressing back, instead of going back home it actually goes back a step in the directory. I've tried this with multiple skins and have gotten the same result.
For example, take creating a shortcut for trending youtube videos with the youtube add on. While in the home menu for a given skin, I select Youtube Trending, suppose I change my mind and want to go back a step, if I press the back button I would expect it to go to the main home menu as it did in Jarvis, now, pressing back takes me a step back in the directory for the add on , showing me the add-on menu (in this case 'Sign in', 'Popular right now', 'Search', 'Browse Channels', etc). Is this suppose to happen in Krypton? Or is there maybe a setting I haven't found to make it work like it did in Jarvis? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks! Smile
I have the same problem and it is driving me nuts. Thought it was just with Arctic Zeypher, glad it is with krypton in general

How can we fix this?
+1 in Mimic skin.... totaly unlogical behaviour.
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I actually think the current behaviour is more logical.
It does exactly what it says in the current context.
If you want to go to the home screen, why not press.....home?

As far as a fix...maybe map Esc to the back button?
That should result in returning to the home screen
That fix would work if I wanted to return to the home screen from a shortcut every time, regardless of where I was in the hierarchy.
But if I were to go to the second, then the third page of trending for example, then I would want pressing the back button to return to page 2, pressing it again would then take me to page 1, and finally the final press would take me back home.
Hopefully I'm making sense, and based on your post, I'm assuming that the behavior in Krypton is indeed intentional?
I dont know about intention, but in my experience the keymapping is slightly different on Krypton.
Btw, the example you describe with browsing and backing out. Isnt this how it works now? It does for me..
The point is that you should EXIT from the screen you GOT IN.
Kodi addons: Lanik repo
The example I gave regarding the pages was to explain why it wouldn't work by mapping the back key with escape lol
But yea, DaLanik is right, back should take me to whatever screen I was on before. If I am on the home screen and click a shortcut that takes me to Youtube's trending videos, pressing back should take me to the home screen, as that's where I was in the previous click.
Ill say again: this is how it works right now, tested it a couple of times.
As in your example, opened youtube, browsed two or more directories, back brings me to the previous page.

I might misunderstand totally but it works like this for me
Thanks for your help Atreyu, but I think your misunderstanding me, try this:

Create a shortcut on your homescreen for youtube's 'Popular Right Now'.
While at the homescreen, select that shortcut, you should now be in the 'Popular Right Now' section.
Press the back button/backspace/equivalent, instead of going back to the main menu (where you were), it goes to the youtube addon's menu (Sign In, Popular Right Now, Search, etc).

Did you get the result I'm getting?
What i'm saying is that in Jarvis it would have gone back to the homescreen, because that was the screen I was on before clicking 'popular right now'.
Hope I'm making more sense now.
I've tried it on a OSX and Android, with multiple skins.
Ok, i understand now.
Thats indeed illogical ( but understandable in a technical sense).

This might need fixing on a deeper level.
What exactly do you mean by shortcuts? do you mean items in Favourites or something else? and how have they been added to Home?

The issue you're seeing is that the internal url probably does not include the "return" property so it might have to be manually added.
Hi jjd-uk, by shortcuts I mean anything added to the homescreen, if that makes sense.

For instance, the process to do so using the Estuary mod would be me going to Interface -> Skin -> Configure Skin -> Customize Main Menu
I can then choose to make a widget, submenu item, or a new segment all together.

From there I just add an item to the main menu by navigating through the directory until I find what I want. (In this case I navigated into the Youtube addon and selected the 'Popular right now' as the menu item).

No matter how I do it I get the same result (regardless of the addon, directory, or if it's in Favourites)
I use Mimic, so it let's you create shortcuts to anything on the home screen. I like to create shortcuts to "Simple favourites" folders, i.e. and put them on home screen, that way I have only items I need...
Kodi addons: Lanik repo
Check the xml for the shortcut should be something like


The important bit here is the ,return part, however from a quick test it seems it doesn't work in the same way in Krypton as it does for Library items.
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