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I'm guessing this subject has been touched on before but I've done a search and I can't find a definitive answer. My question is about how to access/control/select the dvd menu options provided at the start of a DVD Disc? VideoPlayer plays DVDs fine and I get to the DVD start page and menu. I can select the DVD menu options using a mouse/keyboard but I'm not able to select them using a Remote Control (e.g. a standard RC6 remote with MCE key plugin) or the Android Kodi Kore Remote. I've looked at the 'keymap' options but I can't figure out whether it is possible to substitute for Mouse movements when using a Remote? I know I can set VideoPlayer so it skips the DVD Menu and drops straight in the DVD content but I want to be able to select DVD Menu settings/episodes etc. Is it that you can only select these using a proper Mouse/Keyboard or is it possible to configure a Remote Control to do the same?

Many thanks in anticipation of your advice.
I don't know what your problem is, maybe post a debug log, because I can navigate dvd menus with remote and Kore just fine.
You may need to map "ShowVideoMenu" for your remote.
Many thanks for the helpful responses. I've done a bit more testing. To my surprise I found that I could select menu items using the Remote and Kore. The problem is that when moving/selecting the arrow key on the Remote there is no visual feedback on the DVD Menu that an item has been highlighted/selected. As such when you press OK you're uncertain what Menu item will chosen. I've tried with a number of different DVD Discs and the problem appears to be the same with them all. Obviously when using a Mouse you get visual feedback from the Mouse Pointer position on which menu item will be selected. There is no feedback when using the Remote or Kore to select menu items from a DVD Disc. Presumably this is a known limitation for which there is no work around?
Are you using kodi 17 RC4, by any chance?
Because that version had the problem you described, but it is fixed on final.
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Many thanks! Yes, that was the problem. I've checked back with v16 and it is fine so, as you identify, the problem is just with 17 RC4. Sorry to have troubled you.
Just to be clear, the issue is now fixed on 17 final, so you don't have to use old 16.1.
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