How should I connect my SoundBar

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Question  How should I connect my SoundBar
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Hello there,

I'm going to get a soundbar and I will use the Optical Audio Cable.
How should I connect it?

PC -> SoundBar
PC -> HDMI to TV (sound goes through HDMI) -> TV to Soundbar (with Optical Audio Cable)

Thanks Smile

P.S My TV is an old 42 Inch Samsung Plasma and the SoundBar which I've been thinking is
Samsung HW-K561.

Please let me know if that SoundBar is bad and suggest another one.


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HW-K450 Soundbar w/ Wireless Subwoofer $ 279.99

Samsung SWA-8000S 2.0 Channel 80 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar Accessory $127.99

Whats running Kodi?
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I used to have a Soundbar and had it hooked up as follows:

Optical out from PC to soundbar

Disable HDMI sound, set optical out as primary sound output.
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