Selling Xboxes with XBMC pre-installed Online?
ultrabrutal is correct, the illegality of selling XBMC on a modded Xbox has nothing to do with the GPL, instead it has eveything to do with Microsoft Xbox Development Kit (a.k.a. "XDK") which I already informed you of earlier in this post. This is the reason that Team-XBMC do not host nor distribute binary versions of XBMC for the Xbox, we only host and maintain the source code (which does not contain any illegal or non-GPL copyrighted material 'as is'), the source code then have to be compiled with the XDK in order to be usable to end-users, (and when you compile XBMC with the XDK it emdeds Microsoft copyrighted libraries into the executable), meaning that you are breaking Microsoft's copyright when you sell XBMC pre-compiled.

Quote:I also like to inform you that what you are doing is most likely illegal, as you are in a form selling XDK compiled binaries, (executables compiled with Microsoft Xbox Deevelopment Kit, the XDK is officially only available to Microsoft approved developers, and those Microsoft approved developers sign a terms-of-use contract which state that they may not publish or distribute Xbox binaries outside their company).
Quote:Microsoft SDK (System Development Kit) for Xbox (also known as the XDK)

The XDK compiler is only available to Microsoft approved developers/programmers and is used togeter with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to compile source code into Xbox binaries (executables) that can run on Microsoft Xbox game-console. You can not run source code alone on the Xbox, please read this (link) why!

XBMC source code is in C/C++, Assembly and DirectX programming-language. XBMC require XDK 5778 or 5849 (5933 is reported to work, but is not supported) and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7.1 (2003).
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7.1 (2003) can be purchased anywhere, but in order to get the XDK you must to register and be approved as an official Xbox developer (though even then you may not release compiled Xbox excutables/binaries/XBE's as you wish, you can only publish Xbox excutables/binaries/XBE's as part of a Microsoft approved game for the Xbox that can be purchased in retail-stores). For information on how to apply for the XDK see this site).

Note! Yes the XDK is also available illegaly (pirated copies) on the internet, private FTP-sites and P2P-networks. However Team-XBMC, for obvious legal reasons, can not help you obtain a such illegal pirate copy. We can only assume that XBMC users/developers have got a legal XDK copy and only use XBMC for personal eduction. THE XBOXMEDIACENTER PROJECT AND ALL XBMC MEMBERS DO NOT CONDONE PIRACY! See the XBMC Disclaimer and Term of Use information.
More information on the XDK here:
This was also discussed earlier this week in this other topic thread:
I guess you missed that part.

This also the readon for the forum rules being what they are:
Quote:XBMC-FORUM RULES (you must READ these and FOLLOW them when posting)!

The 10 commandments, thou shall make the effort to follow these sacrifices before posting:

1. Fully read the FAQ, both the questions and the answers, (and follow all the guidelines)!
2. Do your best to search and read the online-wiki-manual, (it can help in most situations)!
3. Search all forums from the beginning!
4. Re-read and follow the FAQ before reporting any bugs!, provide all details/information!
5. Respect that only one issue/subject per thread is allowed! Again, search for existing first!
6. Don't report more than one bug or one request per topic! Again, search for existing first!
7. Don't discuss (or link to any) pirated, shared movies, music, pictures, retail software, etc!
8. Don't ask for or link to any illegal (or 'gray') copies of copyrighted materials in any form!
9. Don't ask how to get or copy/backup games, videos, music, (even if you own the original)!
10. Don't ask for or link to Xbox binaries or executables compiled with MS Xbox SDK (XDK)!
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.
This is a community for USERS and developers of XBMC. The users outnumber the devs but a magnitude of several 10.000's. Users come here to get help on modding (wrong place but they still come), help on installation and help on setup and such. Some of these users might take the easy road and pay you rather than learn for themselves...[/quote]

You might be right, I've sold 11 in the past two days. Feel free to pull the thread as I had no intention of using this as an advertising outlet. Plus, I wont be checking back again anyway. Have fun everyone, Big Grin
:S x2
Adam Naisbitt Wrote:Hell, I'm even advising people to download stuff themselves rather than paying us to do it.

Really? Seems a tad hard to find this advice.

Quote:All of the software is 100% legal and whilst we admit....
I think you meant 100% illegal. (source code != software).

Anyway, please don't act like you care about GPL violations in any way. It's obvious that you know what you're doing is illegal.

GPL violations are far less scary than DMCA violations, which is what you're violating. Moreover, since your web server is based in US don't be surprised if it turns off one fine day. DMCA (a form if it) is very much enforced in UK as well. So have fun while it lasts. Hopefully you make enough money to pay your legal fees.
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Please read and follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting, please make sure you read this first.

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