Midi support with Krypton.

Kodi 17 does not play Midi files.
I've added mid and kar extensions in my advancedsettings.xml file :

<!-- ajout extensions midi et kar -->

And files are displayed / available inside Kodi interface - but do not play.

What addon should I install ?

Thanks in advance.
you have two choices; either audiodecoder.timidity or audiodecoder.fluidsynth

both require you to supply a soundfont (configure through settings).

you do not have to add extensions, if add-on is installed they are automatically added to the list. also the separator in extensions is a pipe, '|', not '\'.

it's possible the timidity add-on is embedded in your installer, but you have to manually enable it in the add-on browser due some (silly) changes. you give no platform information, so i have to guess.
Hello ironic_monkey.

I'm using arch linux desktops.
Timidity plays midi files, so configuration of my computers are OK.

I installed Kodi 17 Krypton, and cannot find the midi addon.
A post on this forum says midi support was removed with Kodi 16 ...
It seems it's a Trusty addon

I cannot find any audiodecoder.timidity nor audiodecoder.fluidsynth in aur
but I can find a kodi-devel-audiodecoder-timiditypackage in aur
Compiling this software is quit long. Should I install it or will it overwrite my standard Kodi version ?
well, you need the kodi addon development headers, not sure how arch has split it up.

then it's an easy build straight from my repos, https://github.com/notspiff/audiodecoder.timidity or https://github.com/notspiff/audiodecoder.fluidsynth

former has no external dependencies other than the kodi headers, the latter needs libfluidsynth on your system.
Thanks for your explanation.
The timidity audiodecoder zip file does not install.
Copying the audiodecoder.timidity subfolder inside userdata/addon_data or inside addons is not enough : cannot activate your addon.
What kodi headers should I use ?
Those installed by make install. Likewise you build, then install the addon. Normal unix software deployment. No idea what zip file you refer to
(2017-02-09, 20:53)ironic_monkey Wrote: Those installed by make install. Likewise you build, then install the addon. Normal unix software deployment. No idea what zip file you refer to

I refer to your zip : https://github.com/notspiff/audiodecoder.timidity

I have not installed the dev kodi software
Because I want to keep official stable Krypton version.

It's not hard to : yaourt -S kodi-devel-audiodecoder-timidity
does the job
Compiling it is quite long (several minutes). And at the end, I answer No, to keep my krypton version.

I suppose I have to wait for an upgrade of this addon.
My wife will use it a lot !
that's the source code, i never publish binaries. you can build it just fine against krypton. if several minutes is long to you, i don't think you do much software development Wink
sounds like you should wait.
Hello ironic_monkey,

I do nor really understand how to compile your addon :
- I downloaded audiodecoder.timidity-master.zip and unzipped it (https://github.com/notspiff/audiodecoder.timidity )
- I cannot find any sources ton compile in your file
- I do not know where to download "kodi addon development headers" for my archlinux system.
- If I compile and install the dev kodi software, it erases my Kodi 17 version, and fails compiling audiodecoder.timidity.

My archlinux is up to date.

So, back to basics :
- Should I be able to compile your addon for the standard Kodi Krypton version.
- What should I download to succeed.
- Do you plan to update your addon for Krypton so that everyone could install it the easy way through Kodi interface

Thanks in advance.

Ps : here is what I get with your git hub zip :

And I meant compiling the whole Kodi software is quite long compared to compiling Blender, Spotify, Teamviewer or many others.
For sure Kodi is not the longest one to compile.
I'm not sure my english writing is correct : I stopped studying english years ago as I'm almost 60.
I can clearly see a .cpp to compile.
You don't need to compile kodi, if you get yourself a kodi-dev package for your distri
Thanks for your help.
g++ TimidityCodec.cpp -o midiaddon
gives me as you expected an error
erreur fatale : libXBMC_addon.h : Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
#include "libXBMC_addon.h
because of the lack of kodi headers.

As I cannot find them, I've requested some help from a french archlinux forum:

Now, wait and see !
Install kodi-audiodecoder-dev
Create build system using cmake. make, make install.
Hello ironic_monkey

kodi-audiodecoder-dev is flagged out of date for my archlinux computers.
Right now, I cannot use your addon.

Do you plan to adapt it officially for Kodi ?
no idea what you mean. i maintain these add-ons, officially, for the kodi project.
* wsnipex gets some popcorn

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Midi support with Krypton.0
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