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PROBLEM: Confluence, K 17 and Profiles

Are profiles supported in Confluence in K 17 ?

I'm a long time KODI user on Win10 (and all the way back to hacked xbox's, for that matter). I use both MySQL and profiles ( Profiles (wiki) ) extensively.

Since 17 is a big change, I decided to rename my roaming/kodi subdirectory, uninstall Kodi and begin fresh.

No problem loading K 17, and no problem loading skin Confluence.

HOWEVER, once I created a profile ("TEST") and made that profile selection, Kodi w/ Confluence did not load, the error message was that it was "missing components", and it defaulted to Estuary.

So, I tried to add the skin Confluence within that Test profile, and it would not move forward with showing any skin choices.

(btw: Confluence worked fine in profile "main user", if I go back and select that profile)

To see if I had made an error, I uninstalled and started over again, ended up with the same challenge with Confluence within the Test profile.

Has anyone else run into this confluence / 17 / profile problem?
Please test using Estuary and report back.
(2017-02-10, 00:15)Hitcher Wrote: Please test using Estuary and report back.

I appreciate the reply, ... here you go:

* I change KODI 17 back to the default skin Estuary
* I create a new test profile
--- Show login on Startup
--- Add Profile "test" (my only profile in this test)
--- Media Info & Sources - Separate
--- Settings - Copy from Default
--- Media Sources - Start Fresh

Log off of Master user

Log in Test

* Up comes Estuary in the test profile.
--- PROBLEM - even though I said "Start Fresh" to Media, it still has ALL the movie, TV and Music info just like in Master user. (Likely, I can fix that by putting in the MySQL part and the correct location for the media)

--- PROBLEM - Interface Settings / Skin / Getmore... / (... won't do it... does not show any skin choices, bombs out and goes back to Settings interface / Skin screen.)

AND... just to be sure, I went back to Master User Profile, deleted Test profile, created FOO profile, selected everything separate and fresh, logged into FOO profile... and it still populated info for "in progress movies", "recently added movies"... and it still refuses to show me any options for skins.

... yeah. Tongue

So, from an initial test it looks like creating a profile results in the inability to change the skin in that profile to anything other than default Estuary. As some would say, it's broken.

Ideas? Should we take this concern over to the main Kodi support area and not the skin sub-forum? Huh


(PS... my yahoo email address does not seem to be getting any email from

I have cross-posted this problem w/ profiles to general support forum. as this is not a Confluence specific issue.

It appears that this (profiles being broken) was already brought up as a problem in RC2 and RC3, but was not addressed before 17 GA was announced.

... yippee. Sad
To those following the K17 profiles issue... This bug is now in tracker.


PROBLEM: Confluence, K 17 and Profiles00