Need help with Kodi channelid
I hope you guys can help me with this. I've been trying to figure it out the past few days with no luck.I'm running Kodi 16 on an Chromebox with LibreElec. HDHomerun Prime/CableCard via WMC/ServerWMC. For remote control I'm using Simple Control (Roomie Remote) with an XBMC JSON layout and the EPG that it gets from my cable provider. Things work fine if I choose channels using the directional arrows to navigate to TV>Channels from Kodi Homescreen.However, if I try to select channels from the Simple Control guide (which apparently sends a ".channel.set"command to Kodi using the Provider's channel number) it tunes to the wrong channel because the channel number from the backend isn't the same as Kodi's internal "channelid".If I look at the Kodi TV>Channels screen it looks like they're correct (eg: "1007 TBSHD/1007") but if I check with PVR.GetChannels TBSHD/1007 has a channelid=8.I've tried various permutations of the Channe; Groups, Channel Numbers, Channel Order From Backend settings in Kodi with no luck.Probably overlooking something simple.

So basically what I'd like to do is have the Kodi channelid to be the same as the Cable Channel Number. I really can't understand how the channelid parameter is generated and stored within Kodi.Alternately, I might be able to edit the Simple Control Roomiechannels.plist to change the .Channel.set commands but I'm not sure if those changes would be persistent.

Hope this all makes sense. Thanks in Advance.

Ron k
Is the basic problem that you don't want to have to enter the kodi Id for the channel, but want to enter the actual channel number? For example, according to kodi running on my dev system, channel 725 has kodi Id 11. So have to enter 11 on the remote instead of 725, is that what you are objecting to?
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
Basically. On the Simple Control Remote screen if I press the channel logo it sends a "channel.set" command using the channel number rather than the channelid. I noticed that in the ServerWMC config.xml file it seems like there's a setting to "use channel number for channelid" (don't recall exact wording). Setting this to "true" doesn't seem to work.

So is there a way to force the channelid to equal the channel number?
Yeah, so you need Kodi to accept the channel number rather than the Id it assigns to a channel. This is a kodi thing you need changed, its not something we can address from the pvr backend. Hopefully there is a way to get kodi to do this, but that's a question for the forum above this one, I recommend you ask there.

If there isn't a simple way to do this with the kodi interface, you could maybe try using wmc to renumber the channel to make it the same as the kodi Id - and that might work, however that sounds like a big hassle and would probably break when there is a lineup change from your provider.

That setting you found for is for (yet another) channel Id that serverwmc uses internally for each channel, it will have no effect on this problem.
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
Thank you very much. I was kind of afraid of that. I'll move to another forum.
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