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1. Current repository that contains it can't be mentioned here per the forum rules. Especially: banned add-ons (wiki)

2. For contributing, unfortunately the source code hasn't been uploaded on any contribution site (github, bitbucket etc) afaik.
1. Banned addon? is a banned addon?
2. I think it's on github may I send you a pm with the github link to see if we are talking about the same thing? (I can't send you pm at the moment as I've tried)
1. No, isn't, but the repository that contains it contains also some banned add-ons.
It has been discussed in the past.

2. I'm sure that someone might have uploaded it to his/her github, but the official current maintainer hasn't afaik.

Edit: if you wish to contribute, you can contact the maintainer I guess,

Edit again, he uploaded it 1 week agoBlush

Yet another edit: It seems to me that twilight has compiled a "clean" repository now, which also contains the add-on.
Most of the rest add-ons that contains used to be in the official repo by λ.
So, I guess it's ok linking to it:
Add-ons contained
Repository add-on zip
That twilight0 is actually the repo I was talking about.


It's also available in kodi but not enabled by default. You can enable it and will appear in the list of subtitle addons. I did it without downloading any zip file. Just by going to the available repos and enabling this twilight (something) repo.
Kodi comes with only the official repository built-in.
You must be talking about some modified kodi version.
Not sure. I'm not a veteran with kodi. And just started testing addons a couple of months ago.

If you provide a debug log we can advise whether what you are using is acceptable in this forum. Instructions are in my signature, use the Basic method.
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Yes as a matter of fact I forked some of my addons from now-retired developer lambda and maintain them as good as I can. I added some new features here & there and finally has been updated to 1.3.1 with support of rar archives.
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