v17 playlist commands question
Is there a command where you can add more than one letter (A,B,C..etc) for "Starts with" ?

I am building a playlist where:
"list all movies > Date is lower than > '1905'
This simple command/setup works fine to create a playlist, but I get over 1000 movies listed.

So my next step is to add a command where only Movies> That start with "A,B,C,D"...for example, get added to the playlist.
(Then I can make another playlist for Movies>That start with> 'FGHIJ.. etc..to cut the list down in size)

What happens is I can only do one letter 'that starts with'.. at a time per playlist, otherwise the playlist wont work
because either
A) Playlist will list movies above 1905 (where ANY rules can apply).. So I must use (where ALL rules must apply)
B) Playlist wont work at all (as soon as I make another rule with the next 'starts with letter 'B')

I cant seem to make a playlist where 'lower than 1905' Date, and 'Starts with letter' (more than one letter A,B,C,D etc..) will work.

For anyone interested, I figured this out by merging playlists into one playlist

Step 1 create a playlist where:
Rule >the title starts with A
Another Rule> Title starts with B
Continue on to create the same type of rules up to letter P

Step 2 Create another playlist that searches for movies where the date is 1905 or lower

Step 3 combine the 2 playlists into one (where ALL rules must apply)

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